Truck Drivers Unlawfully Fired, Win $300k From Employer.

Truck Drivers Unlawfully Fired Win $300k

Two truckers have recently filed suit and won against their former employer, Star Air, Inc. They were fired for refusing to drive due to the company’s trucks not being in good legal standing. They were awarded over $300,000 and offered a return to their previous positions with the company.

The situation began when one of the drivers was pulled over because his truck didn’t visibly display the company’s name or DOT number. He shared this information with a fellow driver from the company who was also driving a truck without the required information.

The drivers brought this to the attention of their boss and refused to drive until the proper information was displayed, due to legal concerns. They were immediately fired by the company.

US dept. of Labor sued the carrier on behalf of the drivers and they were awarded $302,000 for the unlawful firing.

Finally, truckers fight back (and win) for getting pushed around by a company.