The Singing Truck Driver Taking Facebook by Storm

Most people think they’re amazing singers in their shower or vehicle, but the fact of the matter is they probably stink. Not Brad James though.

Brad James has gone viral and we’re not talking about a disease. He’s actually using his 10-hour break to refine his god given talent for song.

His newest hit, called “Detention,” is plowing through the Internet and is snaring Facebook followers like a daddy long-legs spider. Even CNN is taking notice of our fellow Trucker’s success.

There may be some “haters” on social media calling for truckers to be focused on driving instead of chasing a pipe dream, but there’s no need to worry about Brad. His first priority is safety on the road. Brad only records music when his truck is stopped and he is on his 10-hour required break at a rest stop. He even has time to help his 8-year-old boy with his homework.

Please give this man a medal or at least a record deal. Oh yeah, a Nashville talent scout for an independent recording studio is already on that.

Would you vote Brad through the next round or send him back on the road?