Truckers, are you being watched?

Think your truck is your private space? Think again.

Some carriers have begun installing cameras that film drivers and record time and GPS location, effectively allowing companies to spy on their drivers where they spend most of their time — in their truck.

These cameras are being labeled a ‘driver risk management systems’. Although it’s recording at all times, it only sends footage to the truck’s carrier when a “risky event” occurs such as a quick lane change or running a stop sign.

Once a risky event is triggered the camera sends short clips to management showing what the driver was doing before, after, and during the event.

Obviously, many drivers have been less-than-thrilled with this system. One reader on even responded by saying that he’d drive naked as a means to give his carrier something to look at.

Check out the video below that show what kind of footage a carrier gets when a risk event is triggered.